Welcome on AquaFil’s European Website

AquaFil is a network of territories, focusing on river management issues and environmental education. After being founded by four members, the AquaFil European network (Interreg IIIC Programme) was enlarged and now includes seven members. 

Original Members (AquaFil Project - Ecos-Ouverture Programme 2000-2002):

  • Municipalities of Beckerich and Redange in Luxembourg

  • Val d'Adour (Adour River Valley) in France

  • The Municipality of Alba Iulia in Romania

  • The Municipality of Sliven in Bulgaria

New members of the AquaFil Project (Interreg IIIC Programme):

  • The Municipality of Ivancsa in Hungary

  • The association “Trilho” in Portugal

  • The University of Perpignan in France

For the 2004 to 2007 period, partners wish to:

  • Develop new common tools for River Management (database and Geographical Information Systems)

  • Continue the implementation of River Contracts The objective of a river contract is the integrated, sustainable and concerted management of a river basin (catchment) with all relevant users

  • Create resources centres (Water Centres) for new members and strengthen the work of existing Water Centres for original members

  • Develop Water Centres into true development agents in relation to water management

  • Multiply environmental education initiatives by targeting new publics and developing new themes

The project ended on December 31st, 2007

Contact Information:
Patrice Verscheure (Water Centre in Luxembourg):
Tel. 00352/26 62 08 08 e-mail: maison.eau@attert.com
Fons Jaques (Coordinator for the project in Luxembourg):
Tel. 00352/89 95 08 08 e-mail: rw@leader.lu